As part of its commitment to the Comox Valley’s Scottish heritage, the Comox Valley Scottish Country Dancing Society is pleased to offer a free basic introductory lesson in Scottish country dancing on Monday October 2, at 7:30 pm.  The society is informal and welcomes new members.  Dancing does not require formal dress.

Formalized  in the early twentieth-century Scottish Country dancing as part of the collection of and recording of folk and traditional music in Europe and North America,  Scottish country Dnacing and the music that accompanies it was part  of the cultural entertainment that many of the pioneers who came to Canada from Scotland, often as Hudson Bay employees, or as soldiers, brought with them.  It was part of the normal entertainment that Victorians and Edwardians enjoyed before the advent of television, and played a critical role in the cultural development of  Canadian culture.  It is was first introduced in Canada by members of Wolfe’s Scottish Highland regiments stationed at Quebec, and would become one of the main sources of French-Canadian  and Metis square-dancing and line dancing.

The Comox Valley Scottish Country Dancing Society preserves the traditions of the  Scottish Country Dance Society  which was established as a society in 1923 has enjoyed Royal patronage since 1951.  The Comox Valley is blessed to have two of Canada’s best instructors, Evelyn Nixon and Heather Flint, certified Royal Society instructors!

Scottish Country dancing is widely recognized for its mental and physical health benefits, and welcomes interested dancers from all walks of life.   Scottish Country dancing is currently undergoing a revival among groups of all ages with the renewed interest in Celtic music. – And you are guaranteed to dance to that.   It is an opportunity to enjoy some terrific music, good company and general light-hearted fun for a couple of hours each week.  

Free lessons in a public Open House format will be available Monday  October 2, 7:30-9:30pm at the Comox United Church Hall (corner of Comox Ave. and Beach Drive.)  ( Teenagers between 13 and 16 should be accompanied by an adult).  Further information can be had at or phone Heather at 250 897 2670

Loys Maingon

Comox Valley Scottish Country Dancing Society