Tide Change is pleased to announce that our latest Gold Sponsor, Hornby Island Soap, has given us two of their BeautifulMe Collection spa packages to give away to our newsletter subscribers.

This means that two of our subscribers will receive five hand-crafted, all-natural facial products in one package. The BeautifulMe Collection is produced locally by Hornby Island Soap, a 35-year old company based in the Comox Valley, serving clients across British Columbia, Canada, and around the world.

Made from Olive Oil for Deep Softness

Most commercial facial cleansers and creams are based on coconut oil, but a number of years in Portugal introduced me to the natural wonders of olive oil. We all know that using olive oil to cook with or to have with salads is beneficial. I quickly noticed that using olive oil in facial products made skin feel clean, healthy and richly cleansed. Olive Oil is what sets BeautifulMe products apart from the competition. Trina McNiece, owner


Please note that if you have already subscribed to Tide Change’s newsletter you are automatically entered to win. If you know of someone who hasn’t subscribed yet, direct them to visit tidechange.ca and sign up asap.

A random draw will take place on October 1st, after which we will contact winners by e-mail.