Western painted  turtle specialist, Christian Englestoft

Comox Valley Nature is pleased to host Vancouver Island native Western painted turtle specialist, Christian Englestoft for the first of its monthly public lectures for 2017. The Comox Valley is a northern limit on Vancouver Island . It is one of many native species that have been adversely impacted by development over the past 50 years.

Christian has been working as an independent wildlife biologist for over 20 year son Vancouver Island. His studies have been published in a number of journals. Christian is the Scientific Advisor to the Sharp-tailed Snake and on the Western Painted Turtle Recovery Teams. He has developed protocols and implemented inventory surveys for a variety of wildlife, including deer, otters, marine birds, the Northern Goshawk, turtles, reptiles, amphibians, and gastropods. He is currently working with the Endangered Sharp-tailed Snake and Little Brown Myotis and the Threaded Western Painted Turtle on the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island. Most of Christian’s works has been for Habitat Acquisition Trust (a NGO in Victoria), and federal and provincial governments.

The illustrated talk is entitled: Surveys and Stewardship of Western Painted Turtle on Vancouver Island”. The lecture is on Sunday, September 17 and will start after introductions at 7pm in the Rotary Room of the Filberg Seniors Centre 411 Anderton, Courtenay.

Comox Valley Nature is a non-profit society affiliated to BC Nature consisting only of unpaid volunteers. CVN fulfills its educational mandate by hosting monthly lectures, organizing free weekly guided hikes for members, and a free monthly walk open to the public. Comox Valley Nature also supports specialized groups ( Birding, Botany, Garry Oak Restoration, Wetland Restoration, Photography and Young Naturalists Club) which have separate monthly activities. Membership in BC Nature and Comox Valley Nature is $30 per adult and $40 for a family.

Founded in 1966, it is one of the oldest environmental societies on the North Island. Meetings and lectures of the Comox Valley Naturalists Society are held on the third Sunday of most months at the Florence Filberg Centre, 411 Anderton, Courtenay. Meetings and guided walks are open to the public, including children and youth. Lecture is free, though a $4 contribution from non-members is appreciated. New memberships are always welcomed.

Anyone interested in this lecture or participating in CVNS activities can also contact us at the website http://comoxvalleynaturalist.bc.ca/

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