We gather weekly to learn songs chants and rounds in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Songs are taught step by step in the oral tradition of call and response.  We sing to grow stronger and more comfortable in our voices, to learn songs we can sing together, and to feel the beautiful harmonies we can create.  No performance, no written music, just singing. Many people who once thought it daunting to sing with others have found a comfortable place for their voices with the Letz Sing community.

There are three Letz Sing sessions to choose from each week. Please join us the week of September 11th. There is ongoing registrations and if you come the first time and if it doesn’t suit you, it won’t cost you anything.

Courtenay sings Mondays at 7:30
Lower Native Sons Hall

Comox sings Tuesdays at 10:00
Comox Lions Den, (1729 Comox ave. rear entrance)

Black Creek sings Wednesdays at 7:30
Halbe Hall

Term fee is $132, there is sliding scale if the fee is difficult and fees are prorated to your start date.  www.letzsing.com

Letz Sing