The Comox Valley Scottish Country Dancing Society will again celebrate 150 years of Scottish heritage in the Comox Valley, by offering monthly free introductory classes for young minded persons between the ages of 13 and 95, who enjoy having social fun and a bit of exercise.  The Society wishes to thank the many visitors who came to last year’s monthly free classes, by offering two free public introductory lessons.  Last year’s season was so successful that within a matter of 3 short months new students, or 50% of the visitors who came to our free public classes were able to master Scottish Country dancing skills sufficiently to enjoy a full day of formal dancing.

This is a unique chance to make new friends, or impress your Scottish relatives, and actually fit in to the next ceilidh your attend, and celebrate Canadian heritage.  No fancy dress is required.  The regular full-time classes will start  September 11th for anybody interested in full season instruction.  Two extra free introductory classes open to the public will be available in an  “open house” format on September 18 and October 1.

Scottish Country Dancing  is not “Highland Dancing.”  Scottish Country Dancing is a more relaxed informal type of social dancing in couples within sets of 8. – And there is no need for you to bring a partner – singles will be accommodated. Popular all around the world, Scottish Country Dancing is very much like other European social dancing akin to contra dancing , ceilidh dancing and Irish set dancing. It is gracious traditional dancing with lovely music.  Derived from 400 year-old social dancing traditions Scottish Country Dancing was formally organized in the 1920’s.  Teaching and practice norms are now regulated by the Royal Scottish Country Dancing Society, and the Comox Valley is blessed to have two of Canada’s best instructors!

Scottish Country dancing is widely recognized for its mental and physical health benefits. As recently noted: “Researchers at the University of Strathclyde in August 2010 made a study of seventy women between the ages of 60 and 85 years; half were Scottish country dancers and the remainder participated in other physical activities such as swimming, walking, golf and keep fit classes. The women were assessed on their strength, stamina, flexibility and balance. They all compared favourably with average fitness levels for women in their age range, but the Scottish country dancers were shown to have more agility, stronger legs and to be able to walk more briskly than people who took part in other forms of exercise.”

Scottish Country dancing is currently undergoing a revival among groups of all ages with the renewed interest in Celtic music.  It is an opportunity to enjoy some terrific music, good company and general fun for a couple of hours each week.  

Free lessons in a public Open House format are scheduled for Mondays September 18, and October 1, 7:30-9:30pm at the Comox United Church Hall (corner of Comox Ave. and Beach Drive.)  ( Teenagers between 13 and 16 should be accompanied by an adult).  Further information can be had at or phone Heather at 250 897 2670.

Comox Valley Scottish Country Dancing Society