Do you like to sing in the shower? You’re the tops at karaoke? Want to sing but not sure what to do? Sing now, but would like to figure out what this harmony singing is all about? Like a safe place to try out your voice?

Why not take in this free (yes, free) 1.5 hour workshop and have a try at singing with a group of men? Starting at 7:00 p.m., running for 90 minutes, we’ll finish at 8:30 p.m. and can then return to our families or take a swift pint at a local pub!

We will learn some harmony songs that we can sing together. There will be no music to read, you do not have to have sung in a group before. The event is open to men of all ages, and prior choral singing experience is not required.

The session is sponsored by The Celebration Singers and will be led by Jenn Forsland, well-known local performer and choir director in the Comox Valley. She will be aided and abetted by Sean Mooney, the go-to piano accompanist in the Valley. There are some basics to learn, if you haven’t done singing before, and we will start with those. Very quickly the group will be singing together in harmony.

Group singing is on the rise in the Comox Valley, with a wide variety of choirs to choose from. The Celebration Singers are sponsoring this workshop in the hopes that the experience will encourage some men to think about joining our male singers in the tenor and bass sections of the choir. But there is no obligation, this workshop is all about having fun, singing together and learning in this one-time workshop environment.

Singing benefits your health, lowers stress, improves your sense of wellbeing and gets you out of the house. Here are a list of 10 reasons (mostly true) why men should sing in choir:

  1. be needed – Manly voices add depth to any song, especially songs from Africa. You don’t need many male singers to make a huge difference to the sound of a mixed choir.
  2. make new friends – Being part of a choir is a wonderful social activity. There are plenty of opportunities to meet new people (maybe even new life partners!) who have similar interests.
  3. live longer – There are plenty of scientific studies now that show how good singing is for the health, but not just any old singing, singing as part of a choir: it’s a stress-buster, helps with breathing problems, puts you in a good mood, reduces blood pressure, prevents social isolation, sharpens the brain, and much, much more.
  4. be part of a supportive community – It’s extraordinary how quickly a choir becomes a real community. There are plenty of stories of how supportive other choir members can be at difficult times: bereavement, relationship break-ups, bad health, loss of job, etc.
  5. become more attractive – Women go weak at the knees when they hear men singing! You’ll be amazed at how attractive you become when you start singing. And other men will be seriously impressed by your manly voice – whether high or low – and will look on in envy and admiration (and wish they’d joined the choir too).
  6. find your singing voice – If you’ve not sung much before, being in a choir is a great way to explore your singing voice in a safe space without being put on the spot. You are one of many and can hide at the back until you find your voice and feel more confident.
  7. show off to friends and family – Once you’ve joined a choir you will soon want to share the amazing songs with your friends and family. Show them what you’ve been up to and bask in their pride and admiration.
  8. let off steam – What scope is there in everyday life to scream at the top of your voice without causing trouble? Singing in a choir is a fantastic way to let off steam in an acceptable way. Sing at the top of your lungs and let all your worries and frustrations go.
  9. have fun – You’ll be surprised how much laughter goes on in choir sessions. Yes, you might have to work a little to learn the words and get your part right, but above all, singing in a choir is FUN!
  10. cure baldness – Everyone knows that singing in a choir cures male pattern baldness. If you see any bald men in a choir, it’s because they didn’t join young enough!
Robert Udell

The Celebration Singers