As the dry summer weather continues in the Comox Valley, water levels gradually decrease in our local rivers and creeks. As water levels drop, isolated pools can form, which may contain small fish and/or fry. If isolated pools become too hot or shallow, fish mortalities can occur. The Tsolum River Restoration Society (TRRS) carries out fry salvaging, on an as-needed basis throughout the watershed every spring and summer. If you live on or near the river, or happen to come across isolated pools that are no longer connected to the main channel, and contain concentrations of fish, please contact Angela Spooner, Project Coordinator by phone at 250.650.7637 or by email at We can help to assess the site, provide instruction and equipment, or capture and re-locate the stranded fish. If you are interested in volunteering to help with this activity, or want to learn more about other volunteer activities, please contact Angela at the number above, or send us an email through our website at

Free Guided Tsolum River Walk

As part of our on-going outdoor education, Tsolum River Restoration Society is offering a guided Tsolum River walk on August 22 from 10am to 12. This family friendly walk will start at the Comox Exhibition grounds at the curling rink parking lot, and will make a loop through the forest trails. Our interpreter will provide information about the local flora and fauna, and will talk about the Tsolum River, issues, history, and restoration projects. This free event will also include a nature scavenger hunt. For more information, please call Caroline Heim at 250.897.4670 or email, or follow us on Facebook at @tsolum.restoration.

Tsolum River Restoration Society