Project Watershed will be working in Simms Millennium Park this summer to improve the habitat in the area for salmon and other wildlife.

The Simms side channel is used by species such as Coho salmon, however it is not functioning as well as it could be. In order to access the pond habitat, fish must pass through a long culvert which is perched high and only flows when the river and/or tide is high, thereby limiting access.

Project Watershed has secured funding to remove the current culvert and replace it with a larger, more “fish friendly” one installed at a lower elevation. Another culvert will be installed on the opposite side of the pond to connect it to the Courtenay Slough, which connects back to the River. This will create a true flow-through channel, and should improve habitat quality as well as opportunities for juvenile fish rearing and foraging.

We are looking for volunteers to help keep the public out of the work zone during the project, and speak to them about what we are trying to accomplish. The construction phase of the project will take place between Aug. 1st and Aug. 25th.

If you can spare some time to support this worthwhile endeavor it would be greatly appreciated.

Project Watershed