The Comox Valley Sustainability Project (CVSP) has recently formed to promote a Sustainable Comox Valley. The mission of the CVSP is to increase understanding of how much can be done to create a more sustaining and sustainable Comox Valley by highlighting examples of sustainability already taking place in our community.

From burgeoning organic farms to Do-It-Yourself roof top solar hot water generation to built-in-the-garage solar vehicles, people all over the Comox Valley are enthusiastically adapting to the challenge of building a more sustainable Comox Valley. To encourage a better understanding of what is happening with sustainability actions and what is possible the CVSP will:

  • develop a Comprehensive, interactive website documenting sustainability actions in the Comox Valley,
  • organize a Sustainable Saturday Tour guide of all things related to sustainability in the  CV to accompany a Sustainability exposition,
  • launch a Facebook page very shortly to inform about CVSP and initiate sustainability related discussion,
  • publish a comprehensive guide to sustainability practices, products, and services present and possible in the Comox Valley.

We are looking forward to engaging all interested in a more sustaining and sustainable Comox Valley in helping carry out this mandate and AND to identify sustainability actions, governance, products, events, services that should go on our website, tour and guide.

Please contact me at if you have anything to share or if you would like to be part of the CVSP efforts.

Norm Reynolds

The Comox Valley Sustainability Project