Anne Feeney is coming to the Comox Valley on Wednesday July 19 for a house concert at Diana Paige’s beautiful home in Cumberland.
Anne has been here a few times playing MusicFest and the Mayworks Festival. She always puts on a great show so don’t miss it!
Check out more info and some videos at ‘Anne Feeney House Concert’ on Facebook.
Tickets are $15 at the door or by reserving at 250-650-8893 or 250-898-4909 and include directions to Diana’s home.
Brian Charlton

Few have raised as much hell with an acoustic guitar as Anne Feeney has.

Tom Morello, Rage Against the Machine


Pittsburgh-based agitator Anne Feeney performs music that she says is designed to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” Not many women have chosen to walk the path of Woody Guthrie, but Feeney has made a career of it for the past 35 years.

She has lived her life on the frontlines – performing at thousands of rallies, picket lines and demonstrations over the years – including the WTO demonstrations in Seattle, Solidarity Day in Washington, DC, and for 1.5 million at the April 25, 2004 March for Women’s Lives.

Feeney’s bottomless song bag draws on Irish, bluegrass, traditional, labor, pop, folk and contemporary material. She’s as likely to sing a traditional song or an obscure gem by one of her many friends in the singer/songwriter circuit as she is one of her own award winning songs. Feeney’s anthem, “Have You Been to Jail for Justice?” is featured on Peter, Paul and Mary’s CD, “In These Times,” and also on “Carry It On,” – their 5 CD boxed set. That song was also featured in “Get Up/Stand Up: The History of Pop and Protest,” a documentary featuring the greatest protest songs of all time, which aired nationally on PBS, and worldwide.


The greatest labor singer in North America.

The Late, Great Utah Phillips