Join us for Rita McKeough’s Art Opening on Thursday, July 13th at 7pm. The evening will include an Artist’s Talk.

For this exhibition McKeough continued her research as she developed site responsive elements to her installation titled Veins. McKeough’s newest installations Listen to be installed in the Window Gallery and Cul-de-sac in the George Sawchuk Room will support and extend Veins in the Main Gallery.

VEINS: This body of work is an extensively composed installation of lands the artist is deeply concerned about, lands with pipelines running like veins throughout their whole expanse. Veins offers a sensory immersion in a landscape where the paradox between a healthy natural world and human systems of capitalism, production, consumption can be contemplated.

LISTEN: The birds are gathering at the mouths of the megaphones that have emerged from the dirt. They draw closer, to listen and repeat what they have heard, trying to decipher and translate this complex and urgent message.

Cul-de-sac: The street is a dead end. The trees have gathered in a circle, facing outward perhaps to defend themselves. Soon a new neighbourhood. The trees will be renovated, framed up, skeletons ready to be inhabited.

Interdisciplinary artist McKeough (Calgary/Nova Scotia) is taking part in a summer creative residency intensive program presented by Comox Valley Art Gallery with the support of partnering organizations: North Island College Fine Arts Department and the McLoughlin Gardens Society. She has gained an international reputation for her complex projects, often involving humour, performance, electronics, kinetics and audio to choreograph diverse forms of communication, embedded in nature and new technology.

More information about McKeough and her exhibition is listed on our website.

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