Community Health Networks bring together people from a wide variety of sectors to promote health and well being in their communities. A number of people from non-profits, organizations, service groups and interested citizens have come together to explore the idea of a Community Health Network in our community and we are reaching out to others in the community to gauge interest in doing this. The Comox Valley is the only Regional District on Vancouver Island that does not have a CHN.

We are planning to hold an public meeting this fall to explore this idea further. I’ve attached our graphic handout that contains information about CHNs – please feel free to share the handout with others and encourage them to sign up to our email distribution list if interested in being informed about the public meeting.

If you are interested in signing up to the email distribution list for the CHN to be informed about a public meeting in the fall click here.

If you would like more information the email is

And to like the group on Facebook to keep up with activities the link is

Community Health Network