Joanna Finch will be returning to the Comox Valley from China and performing a fundraising concert on July 4th at the Mex Pub. As this month’s featured 1st Tuesday Fundraiser performer, Joanna has requested that admission proceeds go to the Pacific Coast Wild Salmon Society in support of the work of marine biologist and activist Alexandra Morton. The evening will start at 7:30 pm with opening sets from the Snow Monkeez, and hosts Judy and Bruce Wing.
Joanna Finch is a versatile vocalist who embraces all styles of musicality from brilliantly interpreted jazz standards and playful sophistication to vocal improvisations and chanting. A vocal poet with a theatrical delivery, Joanna engages her audience with scintillating sounds and great song writing. Her curious exploration in a multitude of instruments plus her mastery of vocal sounds and styles take you on an unforgettable journey into her musical world.
Finch has recently travelled to the House of I in China as part of a musical team participating in an International Holistic Centres Gathering. These diverse gatherings happen in many locations around the world, in both rural and urban settings with the goal of encouraging and fostering collaboration. Joanna’s  theme for the evening will be Home From China/Home in My Heart. She’ll be sharing stories and songs about her experiences there, the cultural events she took part in, as well as the recording project put together by the team.  In the spirit of collaboration, there will also be an opportunity for the audience to participate in some fun singing as well.
Proceeds for the evening support Alexandra Morton,  a well known marine biologist, activist, and champion of wild salmon on the west coast. The body of research she has accumulated primarily supports a link between viral and sea lice infections in fish and fish mortality, which was included as evidence submitted in legal action against the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Morton’s investigations also explore the decline of wild salmon stocks and the impact this has on communities, cultures, and the environment.
Morton’s website, which is found at states the following regarding the legal action: “On May 6, 2015 The Honourable Mr. Justice Rennie handed down the decision that DFO has been unlawfully allowing the salmon farming industry to transfer farmed salmon into marine net pens that are carrying diseases with the potential to ‘severely impact’ the wild fishery at an international level. He ruled that DFO is abdicating its legal responsibility to protect and conserve wild fish by handing off decisions about transferring fish with diseases to the salmon farming industry.” (These statements refer to sections [72] and [83] in the Federal Court Judgment and Reasons document, which is available for download on the website for further reading.)
Collecting and compiling data is just one part of this challenging issue. Funds are also needed to raise consumer awareness, promote advocacy, and fund educational campaigns. There are two ways you can help. Donations made at the door to the Pacific Coast Wild Salmon Society will support outreach, public communications and Morton’s legal costs but are not tax deductible. For those who wish to have tax receipts for their donations, cheques can be made payable to the Raincoast Research Society which supports Morton’s costs of conducting research. Both can be done at the event, or online at
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