Three talented choirs, one riveting night.

On Saturday, April 29, the Just in Time Choirs will perform Revolution, a collection of inspirational contemporary songs about change and social justice. The performance begins at 7:00 pm at the Sid Williams Theatre, Courtenay, BC

Singing an array of musical favourites from Bob Marley, The Beatles and U2 to Pink Floyd and Broadway, these songs have long been associated with standing up for rights, instigating radical movement and bringing the voice of the people to the forefront of significant political or social issues.  

The Just In Time Choirs and their renowned social consciousness-themed concert will move you, inspire you and encourage you. Choirs will perform under the talented direction of Wendy Nixon Stothert, accompanied by piano maestro Sean Mooney and special guests.

A special appearance by local singer-songwriter Helen Austin, as emcee, is planned for the musical event. The choirs will perform a tune by Juno-award winner Big Little Lions, a band duo of Austin and Paul Otten of Cincinnati, OH.

Motivation behind the Just In Time theme, Revolution, came from the recent political landscape during the 2016 US election campaign that stimulated strong public backlash among several diverse groups across North America.

As Nixon Stothert explains, songs have the power to fire people up, unite them for a cause while helping articulate a message, express frustrations and motivate the masses to get behind a movement to initiate change. Inspired to make her own statement about unity, she chose a selection of songs about different types of revolutions: feminism, the French, Irish and African revolutions, the civil rights movement, the environmental revolution, fighting against social norms, and support for peace and mental health.

“It’s the concept of people banding together to stand up for what they believe in. One of the ways people have done that over the course of history has been through song,” explains Nixon Stothert. “For example, Bread and Roses, a song the Jems will perform, was derived from a poem in response to the harsh conditions that textile workers protested over 100 years ago.”

The Just in Time Choirs are comprised of a large adult ensemble, Unplugged and two smaller audition-based adult ensembles, Jems and Vocal Minority.

What originally started as a vocal jazz ensemble in 2005 has morphed into an ensemble of community members exploring their musical creativity with a wide genre of songs including rock, pop, folk, funk, Latin, soul, and gospel. Singers of all backgrounds and levels of experience gather each week to share in their love of music through vocal expression, each developing their individual skills through the collective experience and energy of the group.

A recent new member of Unplugged, Brooke Ferguson, joined despite being told in her youth that she could not sing – a mindset challenged when Nixon Stothert told her everyone can sing.

“I discovered the choir is my happy place, my stress relief. And, the first night I was there I volunteered for a choir council position,” shares Ferguson. “For me, it’s a way to get something out of singing and a way to give back.”

Want to be a part of the energy and stimulation that singing with others can offer? The Just in Time Choirs will begin their next session in September and encourage you to consider sharing your musical interest and passion.

In the meantime, for an uplifting and entertaining evening that is sure to inspire you, come see the musical ensembles on April 29, at the Sid Williams Theatre, 7:00 p.m. show time.

Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for children 12 and under. For ticket information visit the Side Williams Theatre at

For choir information visit  or email .

Mary Lee

Just In Time Choirs