Dear Editor ,

 My Mother’s Brother Was Nineteen

Through the fog of time this April 09 2017

we are about to “celebrate” the so-called coming-of-age of Canada

The rough edges will be smoothed over in our mind’s eye

‘Lest we forget’ has been forgotten and

Willy McBride is still going off to die.

At the raising of the glory of war

Will we give the dead their true recognition?

Did the mothers who gave their children to the god of war ever have a peaceful day

as their sons remained ‘forever 19’?

this April 09 2017 My Mother’s Brother Remains Forever Nineteen

This song and those like it have brought us to tears as we think of the precious waste.

Age has shown us what life is and that we are complicit in the loss of their o’ so precious gift.

Tears as we hear the picture of their deaths is the least we can offer the dead—–

a feeble  effort to honour their lives

and an attempt to instill sanity in the living.


Mel in Comox