Earthsave Vegan Dine Out

5:00pm – East Kitchen Restaurant at 1130 Cliffe Ave. in Courtenay

This coming Easter Monday, April 17th at 5:00 pm East Kitchen Restaurant at 1130 Cliffe Ave. in Courtenay will be hosting this month’s Earthsave vegan dine out.
Although less than a year old, East Kitchen is already getting an increasing clientele with their 7 days a week lunch and dinner buffets, (except Sunday lunch). Note too that they don’t automatically reach for the msg and chicken stock when cooking as they strive for an authentic chinese food experience for the people of the Comox Valley that is also vegetarian and vegan friendly.
Hostess Mandy has come up with the following special vegan buffet menu for the evening:
  • Appetizers
    • Spring Roll
    • Deep Fried Sweet sugar chip
    • Pan- Fried Vegetable Dumpling
  • Side Dishes, served cold.
    • Szechuan style Spicy Diced Cucumber salad
    • Spicy yellow bean sprouts
    • Pickled Daikon
    • Potatoes in soy sauce
  • Soup
    • Vegetarian Hot & Sour Soup
    • Tofu Seaweed Soup
  • Rice & Noodles
    • Vegetable Fried Rice
    • Vegetable Chow Fun
    • Vegetarian Singapore Noodle
    • Shanghai Noodle w Vegetable
  • Vegetables
    • Vegetable Chop Suey
    • Kong Bo Vegetables (Spicy)
    • Lo Han Vegetables
    • Windbow Vegetables
    • Satay Mushroom
    • Stir fried Szechuan style shredded potato (Spicy)
    • Sweet & Sour mushroom
    • Ginger Fried Pumpkin
    • Deep Fried onion ring
    • Deep Fried Yam Tempura
    • Deep Fried Tofu Tempura
    • Deep Fried Bell Pepper Tempura
  • Sushi
    • Assorted Vegetable Roll
    • Spicy Yam Roll
    • Avocado Roll
    • Vegetarian Tofu Roll
  • Dessert
    • Deep fried banana
    • Deep Fried Toffee
    • Assorted Fruit
    • Pineapple
  • Drinks
  • Coffee
  • Tea

The cost for the evening is just $20 including coffee, tea, taxes and tips. The event is by reservation only, to reserve call Bob at Earthsave phone 250-338-0751.