Join Sierra Club BC and the Wilderness Committee at the lower Native Sons’ Hall, Friday March 24 7-9pm, for an evening of presentations and discussions on the impact of old-growth logging and the need to revitalize the Island’s forest industry.

Vancouver Island’s vast rainforests have always supported life and abundance, but after decades of extensive logging, these ecosystems have been degraded, and the communities and First Nations that depend on them are paying the price. Communities on the Island are also struggling with the loss of jobs in forestry. The Sierra Club reported recently that “last year, BC forest companies exported enough raw logs to frame nearly 134,000 homes … Between 2013 and 2016, more raw logs were shipped from BC than during any other four-year period in the province’s history … instead of creating thousands of good-paying jobs in rural communities, logs are exported in raw form.” The evening is one of four stops on a tour that also includes Port Hardy, Campbell River, and Parksville, and will feature presentations and updates on endangered old-growth areas and the latest raw log export data. Admission is free.

The Sierra Club and Wilderness Committee want to hear from communities dependent on forestry and healthy forests – you are invited to join in and share your ideas!

Claire Gilmore

Editorial Assistant, Watershed Sentinel

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Photos by TJ Watt