Dear Editor, We are residents of the Hawkins Greenway (Beech Street) area, where the Comox Councillors on the Sewer Commission have voted to place the sewer pump station. We also own or have properties or businesses within the Town of Comox.

If an industrial sized pump station were to be placed inside the town limits near our properties, the following would have to occur:

• Ideas would first be discussed and voted on by the Sewer Commission and one or more locations would be proposed.

• There would be a public announcement of this decision, with articles in the local media.

• Property owners in the area of the proposed location would receive letters of notification.

• Public meetings would be held.

• The proposed pump station would have to meet Town of Comox zoning regulations.

• If the decision were extremely unpopular, politicians would feel the backlash at the next municipal elections.

At a recent Sewer Commission meeting, a CVRD engineer commented on the consultation process, stating that, “permission on behalf of the residents is not required.” What a perfect situation for disingenuous politicians. By moving the sewer station out of the Town of Comox and into Area B, politicians do not have to consult or have public meetings, and can purchase the property in secret. They can transfer the town sewer problems to residents of Area B, who have no sewer service, and no bylaws that deal with placement or setbacks from homes.

By evading the public consultation process, Comox Councillors on the Sewer Commission must think they have gotten off easily. We, the residents in the area of proposed sewer station, will continue to hold local politicians accountable and will voice our concerns publicly until we are heard.

Yours Sincerely,

Martin Hagarty

Susan Ptak

Patrick Dahle