Dear Editor,

This letter is symbolic and represents the households who submitted the petition regarding concerns as to why Comox Councillors and DND Sewer Commission members voted to insure that the sewer pump station not go within the town limits of Comox.

We have received no response from the town, probably due to the fact that less than 25% of our local residents bother to vote, and once an election is held no politician ever answers email if the issue is contentious.

Many of us have written letters to Sewer Commission members from both municipalities concerning their rationale, and the entirely undemocratic way they voted to place the pump station outside its service area, the Town of Comox. Specifically, we have written to Sewer Commission Chair Price, and Comox Sewer Commission members Grant and Swift. We asked for an explanation as to why they want to keep this pump station outside their town limits. We asked why should we, who are not their constituents, nor have a need for the sewer service, bare all the burden of risk?

With respect to the Quadra line, which also was imposed upon our neighbourhood with no consultation or prior discussion, we have written to the Minister of National Defense and copied the letter to the local Wing 19 public relations officer. We asked why our concerns were not addressed. After all, we are the direct neighbours of DND Quadra, not the town of Comox.

As of this date, all three levels of government have been complicit (or perhaps too cowardly) to take a position. Why is this? Do they not care? Do they feel that the voters do not pay any attention to local issues?

We would like some answers, especially from our public servants who have a responsibility to the community they serve.

Yours Sincerely,

Christian Streit

Area B Property Owner, Comox, BC