You are invited to join in a big Celebration Dance at the Merville Hall on Saturday March 11 from 7.30-11.00 pm. Landowners  have shared the ownership of the Tsolum Commons land for the last 40+ years and have now decided to turn it over to the community as park land.  It will be protected as regional District parkland and overseen by the Comox Valley Land Trust.

Organizers of the dance are hoping to raise funds to help the Land Trust monitor the 99 year lease to the CVRD.

The land (and community) has hosted 25 + years of Winter Solstice celebrations with monster fires, a pageant, singing and dancing circle songs and floating a flotilla of tiny boat candles full of wishes down the Tsolum to the ocean. These solstices have been attended by 200 – 300 people each time for 20 or 30 years…that is a lot of people!

We also hosted May Pole celebrations. The land also has served many people and their pets for walks and meditations at the big Cedar tree or a swim in the river during hot summers. The land is also home to the Western Toad and red legged frog and many other species of animals.

Many of us have been actively involved in the rehabilitation of the Tsolum River. When we moved here 29 years ago; the river was sterile with no fish (all killed by copper sulphates from the Mount Washington minesite). The last big return in 2015 saw over 60.000 fish return. The land will now be protected in perpetuity. At the same time it will be made available to everyone as a community park through the Regional District for the next 99 + years.

So come and help us celebrate this amazing donation of land and new park creation on Saturday March 11 from 7.30-11.00 pm. Merville Hall on Highway 19A  just past the Merville Store.  Come and dance your heart out to the rock and roll band Flying Debris!