I voted for the Liberals once and for the Greens once, but for those two exceptions, my heart, wallet, effort and vote has been with the New Democratic Party—even when I was considerably unhappy with particular actions or persons.
To me the NDP is the party that is, or should be, leading the way to a more just, sustaining and sustainable province and nation. I say should be as that is what the party is supposed to be, though, in practice it often seems to fall short of its own lofty goals—as one would expect given that it is so easy to talk ideals and another thing to put together a broad coalition of people who agree enough—despite differences– to work together for a goal that must by the nature of democratic politics represent a diversity of opinions.
So, with the above in mind, let’s look at the last federal election as it is, I think, an epiphany of the NDP as visionary social movement and compromising political agenda.  You can read more on the Island Word.