According to BC Hydro, as of last month there were at least 60,000 holdouts to smart meter installation. Assuming there are at least 2 citizens associated with each meter, that is a minimum of 120,000 citizens who are rejecting smart meters on personal or political grounds.In an effort to pressure these holdouts to accept smart meters, BC Hydro has begun using tactics that are immoral at least, illegal at worst.

Their latest letter offers three “choices” to smart meter resisters: accept a smart meter for free, accept a smart meter with its sending device disabled for a $100 fee plus $20 per month or keep your existing analog meter and be charged $35 per month ($420 per year) as a penalty for not accepting a smart meter.

They are now placing manipulative and harassing phone calls to those wishing to retain their analog meters.

BC Hydro has no legal grounds to install a smart meter on your private property and no legal right to charge a fee if you refuse a smart meter. BC Hydro sent notification in the form of a notice describing a meter exchange––but gave the recipients no contract consideration, no ability to voice their concerns about how the new technology was being used and no option to opt out. That is not lawful, given the many reputable sources proving that radiation and radio frequencies are harmful to living tissue, and the certainty that smart meter technologies create access to private information through trespass.

The meter on your home is owned by a public utility to measure your electrical usage. That means it is a public commercial device. Your home is not public; it is private. The basis of all contract law stems from private, not public law. In British Columbia that form of law is called the common law.  Installing anything on your private property without your consent is an act of trespass, and a violation of your private rights.

There is no contract with BC Hydro, unless you sign a written consent to have them install a smart meter. If you do not sign, there is no contract.

Some citizens have been told by representatives of BC Hydro, including the contractor installing the meters, that if they do not accept the smart meter they risk having their power cut off. That is a malicious lie.

BC Hydro can not cut your service off when you keep your account paid up and you do not cause harm to their property––in this case the electrical meter attached to the meter-base on your property.

For BC Hydro to shut off your power they would have to prove harm and since no harm has occurred––because you keep your bill paid up and you cause no damage to their meter––they cannot disconnect your electrical service unless you consent.

If  BC Hydro, Corix, their agent and/or assignee, threatens you and you do not say “no” or worse-you agree to have the service shut off–-they most certainly could turn off your service. So hold firm and claim your rights by stating, preferably in writing:

“I am private and I reserve all of my unalienable rights without prejudice” or ”we are private and we reserve all of our unalienable rights without prejudice”. A simple form of this statement to remember is: “I am private and I reserve all my private rights.”

The person to correspond with is Greg Reimer, Executive Vice President, Transmission & Distribution, This should be done before December 1, 2013.
When your next Hydro bill comes to you, pay for your actual hydro usage but do not, even once, pay the illegal fee.

BC Hydro is now making calls to test your commitment to your position. The calls are recorded and anything you say may be used to manufacture a contract with them. If they call, politely hang up. It is your phone, your home, your life. Sadly enough, it used to be your utility company.

There are a number of actions you can take to further protect yourself, all of which require some time and effort. There are numerous websites to help you in your legal battle. Key ones are: and

Whatever your reasons, it is still possible to win the fight against this corporate bully. Do not give up and do not consent.

Kel Kelly